Synergy Worldwide

Japan - Feb 1999Taiwan - June 2001USA - Nov 2001Thailand - June 2003Singapore - April 2004Australia - July 2004South Korea - Aug 2004Indonesia - May 2005Philippines - May 2005Hong Kong - Aug 2005Malaysia - Sept 2005Germany - July 2007Austria -July 2007UK - July 2007Holland - July 2007Ireland - Launching 2008Czech Republic - Launching 2008Norway - Launching 2008


Synergy's European Founders are reserved only for business professionals who understand the
enormity of this financial proposal, are committed, reliable and motivated towards success.

Click here to listen to a short message from Synergy Worldwide Founder and CEO Dan Higginson

Synergy Worldwide has just opened it's doors for business in Europe starting with the UK, Germany,
Austria, and the Netherlands. The official launch European event will take place in April 2008.

Ireland will be launching soon! - The gateway to the rest of the world.

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